All About Bees!

Bees! What Are They?

Did you know that there are well over 20,000 different types of bees on Earth? There are common honeybees and then there are bees that are green, blue, black, grey, or bright yellow. There are so many different species of bees that live on Earth that nobody can name every one of them. Many of these different bee species aren’t even named! How cool is that? Maybe you could be the next person to name a species of bee!

cropped-9997318694_e3f8bd0e8c_o.jpgBees belong to the Anthophila family. This means that they have wings, a hairy body, and a stinger. Because they have a stinger they are also called hymenopterans! Did you know that many insects are hymenopterans because they have stingers? Sawflies, wasps, bees, and ants all have stingers to protect them and they all belong in the same family! How cool is that? Bees also have a mouth that is made to chew the food that they eat. The wings that bees have on their body allow them to fly from one flower to the next flower so that they can pollinate them. The tiny amount of hair that grows on their legs and sometimes even body help them to carry the pollen from one that flower to another one. That is so convenient! The stinger on the bee is arguably the most important, if not only, defense that bees have to keep themselves from becoming another animal’s food. Bee’s are very important to the environment, and everyone can benefit from bees. There are many favorite products from bees that are very popular, things like bee pollen tablets, royal jelly and more!

Bees are generally small, right? Did you know that bees can be as small as two millimeters long and as big as 4 centimeters long? That means that some bees are so small that you can barely see them and other bees are so big that many people are very afraid of them! The size of the bee depends on where they live, what plants are there, and if they have a lot of predators or not.

Even though there are more than 20,000 different species of bees, most of them only live to be about a year long. That is only if they are lucky enough not to be killed off by humans, other animals, or natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes. Very few bees actually live longer than a year! Could you imagine only living one year and then dying? That is why baby bees are born every spring and summer! Some baby bees are called callows, but most baby bees are called larvae because they don’t really look like bees yet. Now you know! You can buy products from bees thanks to beekeepers. They have products like bee pollen tablets, royal jelly, skin care products, and more!