India’s highest ever FIFA ranking in the last two decades- (101) in latest ratings

For a nation of over a billion people, India somewhat surprisingly, lag behind in football. However things seemed to have looked up in the last couple of years, and with recent wins against Myanmar, Puerto Rico and Cambodia, the national team are now at 101 in the latest FIFA rankings, their second highest ever rating since the introduction of the rankings.

India were ranked as low as 173 in March 2015 and were 132nd last month, but are now the 11th best team in Asia as per the current rankings.

What is India’s highest ever FIFA ranking?- It is 94, which they achieved in February 1996.

They achieved this 101 ranking last in May 1996 and have been on a downslide since then, which makes this ranking their highest in the last 20 years.

Other previous high FIFA rankings achieved by India

November 1993- 99
October 1993, December 1993 and April 1996- 100

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