Crowd Attendances FIFA U20 World Cup 2017 (South Korea)

Here are the list of Crowd Attendances of FIFA U20 World Cup 2017 in South Korea.

Highest Attendance- South Korea vs Guinea 37,500
Lowest Attendance- Venezuela vs Japan 2,013
Group A

Argentina vs England- Attendance 15,510
South Korea vs Guinea- Attendance 37,500
England vs Guinea- Attendance 5,992
South Korea vs Argentina- Attendance 27,058
England vs South Korea- Attendance 35,279
Guinea vs Argentina- Attendance 4,545

Group B

Venezuela vs Germany- Attendance 5,049
Vanuatu vs Mexico- Attendance 6,251
Venezuela vs Vanuatu- Attendance 1,495
Mexico vs Germany- Attendance 4,388
Mexico vs Venezuela- Attendance 5,040
Germany vs Vanuatu- Attendance 3,175

Group C

Zambia vs Portugal- Attendance 4,356
Iran vs Costa Rica- Attendance 4,896
Zambia vs Iran- Attendance 2,060
Costa Rica vs Portugal- Attendance 3,147
Costa Rica vs Zambia- Attendance 4,508
Portugal vs Iran- Attendance 6,085

Group D

South Africa vs Japan- Attendance 8,091
Italy vs Uruguay- Attendance 9,128
South Africa vs Italy- Attendance 5,931
Uruguay vs Japan- Attendance 7,978
Uruguay vs South Africa- Attendance 7,707
Japan vs Italy- Attendance 10, 003

Group E

France vs Honduras-Attendance 2,947
Vietnam vs New Zealand- Attendance 6,975
France vs Vietnam- Attendance 4,672
New Zealand vs Honduras- Attendance 6,074
New Zealand vs France- Attendance 4,280
Honduras vs Vietnam- Attendance 10,427

Group F

Ecuador vs United States- Attendance 3,886
Saudi Arabia vs Senegal- Attendance 5,110
Ecuador vs Saudi Arabia- Attendance 3,496
Senegal vs United States- Attendance 5,864
Senegal vs Ecuador-Attendance 11,047
United States vs Saudi Arabia- Attendance 5,460

Round of 16.

Venezuela vs Japan- Attendance 2,013
South Korea vs Portugal- Attendance 21,361
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia- Attendance 2,522
England vs Costa Rica- Attendance 4,428
Zambia vs Germany-Attendance 2,925
Mexico vs Senegal- Attendance 3,276
France vs Italy- Attendance 3,321
United States vs New Zealand- Attendance 5,667

Quarter Finals

Venezuela vs United States- Attendance 2,671
Portugal vs Uruguay- Attendance 5,086
Italy vs Zambia- Attendance 6,252
Mexico vs England- Attendance 5,953

Semi Finals
Uruguay vs Venezuela- Attendance 3,486
Italy vs England- Attendance 5,329

Third place match
Uruguay vs Italy- Attendance 10,749

Venezuela vs England- Attendance 30,346

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